What We Do

Passionate in business and in the community.

Simply put, we work for your business so you can work on your business. Our team is always looking out for your best interest. We are able to step in as your IT department and take care of your whole office technology needs. From service, to hardware, telecommunications, and even carrier services. We pride ourselves on being on the forefront of technology. We are able to accommodate companies with unique service plans that fit within your budget.

Small Business In Mind

Why is ShoreTel perfect for small businesses? Because it's designed with small business in mind. ShoreTel's auto-attendant feature allows for automated routing of calls. No receptionist? No problem

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Heartbleed Bug Information

Linked below is a website that is tracking websites that are being patched. Please do not update your passwords until the site linked below updates. It will list all sites that are patched from the bug.

Click on Link to Mashables list of patched sites.